Barga History Articles by BGRG Members

It is inevitable that while researching individual ancestral family members you will learn about the world in which they lived. Often this knowledge of the "greater" story can fill gaps that exist between the static facts we uncover about distant relations.

The following articles were written by our members to describe pieces of Barga history that they discovered during their search for ancestors. The articles demonstrate a love of heritage, a quest for knowledge and a willingness to share with like-minded seekers. Consider them little history lessons prepared with a friendly, personal touch of TLC. We hope you enjoy them and become inspired to submit your own.

Subject Date Contributor
Sinking of the SS Arandora Star 03 October 2019 by Roberto*
Flour Mills - Buccellato 08 April 2007 by Lelio
Trout & Politics 17 April 2007 by Lelio
Miracle at St. Anna 3 November 2008 by Lelio
Barga Soldiers lost in Russia during WW II 24 January 2009 by Pete
Giovanni Pascoli 31 August 2009 by Lelio
Giacomo Puccini 3 January 2010 by Lelio & Pete
L'Uomo Morto & Renata Tebaldi 8 January 2010 by Ed & Lelio
Early Ice Cream in London download PDF. 28 February 2010 Thanks to Barbara
A Little Bit of History 5 October 2010 by Lelio

*One of our founding Directors, writing under the name Robert Rossi, is especially creative in his ability to weave wonderful historical fiction from his genealogical studies. He describes his first novel ITALIAN BLOOD BRITISH HEART this way - "This family story touched my soul and I decided to bring it to life in a fictionalised novel. In part, the first novel is a reflection of my own family history of impoverished immigrants seeking a much improved standard of living in a new land. Similar story, in fact, to that of the Donnini family. Part One, ITALIAN BLOOD BRITISH HEART narrates a family’s experiences from 1897 through to 1939 and looks at the immigrants’ lives amidst the Ice Cream and Fish and Chip Restaurant businesses in Scotland and the North East of England. It covers the period when Italians were not welcome generally and explores some of the community’s deliberations when Mussolini assumed power in Italy."

The paperback and kindle version of ITALIAN BLOOD BRITISH HEART is available on Amazon.

Trilogy Continues
The second part of Roberto's "Blood Heart Trilogy", JEWISH BLOOD ITALIAN HEART, is inspired by real people and true events. Roberto explains that this second book is "loosely based on the life of my Nonno and Nonna, in particular my Nonno's family's adventures across 4 continents."

Marina is ten years of age. She has been excited for weeks and the day has finally arrived to receive her medal from the country’s leader. But then Marina is shunned and she wants to understand why. A hornet’s nest is stirred and a centuries old secret can no longer be hidden. Nightmares are resurrected. An epic family saga which travels through history, Marina’s grandparents emigrate to find solace and peace. However, their torment continues as freedom proves to be elusive. The family lies fractured and is desperate in its search for contentment. Only when Marina’s father seeks out the ultimate prize at the other side of the world can the family’s past remain dormant.

The Kindle and paperback of JEWISH BLOOD ITALIAN HEART is also available on Amazon.