Flour Mills

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Donna was asking about a particular bread brought back to her from Lucca. I believe it is pan Buccellato, common in the area and very good. Anyone wanting the recipe, just google Buccellato.

Loppia. Ponte al Solco.

The bread brought me back to a bit of history, perhaps of some interest to some of the members. I was curious why such a mountainous place would support so many flour-mills (26) despite the fact that the terrain is too rough for the production of grains. It turns out that given the confluence of the Serchio, Ania & Corsonna river and streams, the farmers from up-valley, in the Alps, used to bring the grain to Barga to be milled into flour. This commerce ended in the 1900, when deforestation in the upper valleys eroded the soil where grain was planted and caused the rivers and streams to run so fast in the spring that they could no longer be controlled by the small dams used by the mills.

The names of the owners of the Mills are names often interlaced with our group members. Perhaps, if you search diligently, you may find that you own a piece of Garfagnana, by a river or stream - like the one shown in the photo with Jacqueline. If you don't want it, I'll take it - ;-)

Below is a listing of names and owners of mills along the Ania & Corsonna rivers in 1870.

Ancora Buona Pasqua a tutti,

Mills on the Ania and Corsonna in the years 1870

At that era the Mills listed below were one of the major sources of taxable revenue, probably second only to silk manufacturing and the production of blasting powder. Here's the list of the mills as a PDF for your reference.

Location-Name Owner
Pianacci Agostini Michelangelo
Camposanto Caproni Piero
S. Cristofano Giannotti Giuseppe
Concia Cardosi Giuseppe (Manager)
Arsenale Pieroni Giovanni
Dell'Anguilla Cardosi Mazzolini Luigi
Dell'Arsenale Casci Serafino
Dell'Orto Bertacchi Enrico
Di S. a Maria Carrara Dionisio
Dei Gasperetti Dionisio Bernardino in Parternership with a Magli
Della Concia with Batticanape Perpoli Rosa
Dell'Agrifoglio Lorenzino Giovanni
Dei Pontecci with Batticanape and wine/olive press. Lucignani Dionisio
Merizzacchio Serafino Vincenzo
Ai Bertoli Mucci Giuliano
Catagnana Nanni Domenico
Dei Menchi Domenici Giuseppe
Di Pedona (Mill for grains & Sulfur for explosives). Da Prato Domenico
Al Ponte all'Ania Angelo Battastini
A Montebuono Piero Giovanni Battastini
Detto Luogo Pieri Paolo
Beltemponero Tommasi Lorenzo
Di Mezzacchio Racchicioli Lorenzo
Della Sega Santi Salvatore
Al Mulinetto (with Batticanape, wine/olive press and raw- wool-washer Verzani Pietro
Del Tamanti Sacconi Luigi