Sample documents

Achieving results in Genealogical research is dependent upon having access to the right historical documents. BGRG has formed an agreement with the Diocese of Pisa which generously provides occasional access to original church documents from all the Parishes in Barga. Over the years BGRG members have, at their own expense, collected, annotated and organized clear photographic images of these pages, so that group members can study them from the comfort of their own homes. Due to our agreement with the Diocese, we are extremely limited in what can be shared with the public but our members are serious researchers who offer meticulous notes, often under less than ideal circumstances. Here are a few samples.

Keep in mind that these images are purposely large, typically larger than the average computer monitor. For this reason you may experience some delay in their loading and it may be necessary to scroll in order to study the details on a document.

We have over 200 transcribed documents for The Loppia church, some photos, and indexes of other church records from Barga and Albiano. Please Email us to become a member and utilize all the records on our site.